Any conscientious business owner realizes that employee retention is a top priority. The competition for top performers makes it imperative to recruit and hold onto talented personnel. Here are some principles to keep in mind to ensure that the help you need stays with you.

Lead Effectively

Provide your employees with an example of effective leadership. This involves helping them feel that they are an integral part of a winning team. Be sure that your supervisors also display positive people handling and motivational skills, and promptly correct them if they attempt to control employees in a negative way.

Communicate With Your Employees

Communication is an integral component of employee retention. Interact with your employees personally through sharing conversations, coffee, and lunch. Conduct forums during which you solicit input, and listen carefully to what they have to say. Send out surveys, and follow up on employee suggestions. Interview people who are leaving, and try to find out what motivated them to seek work elsewhere.

Provide Flexibility

Retain personnel by providing a flexible workplace environment with schedules that consider outside contingencies. For instance, offer earlier or later hours within the framework of an eight-hour day or the chance to work four ten-hour days rather than five eight-hour days. Besides the basic benefits of healthcare and pensions, give your employees the choice of various alternatives such as daycare, subsidized transportation, gym memberships, and other perks.

Recognize Exceptional Work

Although cash bonuses are an excellent means of employee retention, there are numerous simpler means of continually letting employees know that you appreciate their exceptional efforts. Thank them sincerely for work well done. Solicit their ideas on important projects. Give out small rewards such as meal vouchers and movie passes. Make meeting sales goals and other recognizable achievements a cause for celebration.

Offer Development Opportunities

Employees like to feel that the positions that they have provide opportunities for further growth. Foster this desire with mentorship systems, conferences, continuing education, and other training and development opportunities.