We’ve all heard the stories about business owners able to bootstrap their companies to success with little money and no help. Understand that those are the exceptions. As a rule, you need a great team to support you if you’re going to see success. Obviously, you’ll need to understand several factors when it comes to assembling business teams.

Be Hands-On

There’s a misperception out there that hiring the right people is all you really need to do when it comes to building business teams. While hiring well is important, you, the team leader, must be prepared to be hands-on with the team, and to ensure that your business has an environment that fosters teamwork.

Set Expectations

Your team is only as good as the direction they are given. Business teams cannot simply be dropped into a situation with the expectation that they’ll figure it all out on their own. You must provide direction, set expectations, and provide a road map to success.

All One

There’s a tendency for business teams to devolve into smaller and smaller units – your marketing team and your accounting team, for instance. That’s not the right way to go about building a winning business. Foster a sense that everyone is on the same team, no matter what their responsibilities might be.

Lead by Example

As the business leader, all of your team members will look to you not only for leadership, but for the tone of the company’s expected behavior. Make sure you’re setting the right example.


Finally, business teams thrive on mutual respect, but this is more easily talked about than accomplished. Make respect for one another a requirement – a firm expectation that should not be deviated from.

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