College degrees and education can’t quite prepare you for entrepreneurship. Putting theory into practice isn’t always as easy as it looks. Many entrepreneurs make a lot of mistakes along the way as they’re getting started.

Here are some common issues and ways of overcoming mistakes.

Common Mistakes

Here is a short list of mistakes that many entrepreneurs make. But you could be making many more that aren’t listed here.

  • Not delegating tasks that take up time to learn and process. 
  • Forgetting work-life balance. 
  • Not performing due diligence in recruiting and hiring employees. 
  • Forgetting to invest in continuing education. 
  • Trying to be the smartest person in the room. 
  • Not having a marketing and social media plan. 
  • Investing energy into work that isn’t the highest priority.  

How to Overcome Mistakes

The key to overcoming mistakes you make as an entrepreneur is to embrace your mistakes. Acknowledge that you are not perfect and may need help to run parts of your business. Network with other entrepreneurs to get more ideas on how things work in the real world. Your colleagues have probably dealt with some of the same things you’re struggling with.

Learn to delegate. There’s a fine line between micromanaging and managing. Don’t cross it. Trust your employees to do their jobs. Deal with it when they don’t. Be tolerant of their mistakes. Help them learn to overcome their own shortfalls like you have.

Find mentors or hire a coach or consultant to help you become a better entrepreneur and leader. A consultant can help you solve problems inside your business. A coach will help you be accountable and encourage you to find solutions. You may want both, depending on where you’re at in your business.

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