There are a number of things you can do to create a strong corporate culture, which is based on diversity and inclusiveness. Once you establish this kind of ideal workplace, it will also require some work to maintain, so that it can become the default status of your work environment.

Here are some tips on how you can go about achieving this. 

Establish mentorship

Mentorship can be a very powerful force in business, because it guides new talent along, and helps these people achieve their true potential. When you get the right mix of mentors and protégés, it can be beneficial for both parties, and both will end up learning from each other.

Choose leaders carefully

One of the most important aspects of corporate culture is choosing good leaders, people who will be representative of a diverse pool of individuals, and who also have a good grasp of what lies ahead in the future. When engaged in succession planning, you should consider an individual’s future potential as much as what he/she has already accomplished for your company. Keep in mind that leadership roles are not intended to be entitlements, but are rather opportunities to serve the company.

Create greater inclusion for new parents

When new parents are returning from an extended leave, usually after the birth of a first child, their workloads can seem fairly daunting, and work life in general can be a challenge. The ideal corporate culture would seek to create opportunities for greater inclusion among these new parents, to slowly bring them back into the working world, so they can once again be productive. As they gradually phase back in to working mode, they will express their appreciation in terms of company loyalty and productivity.

Upgrading your workplace? 

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