The concept of ‘going green’ sometimes gets a bad rap, mostly because of messaging mistakes in the past.

But far from being some dangerous social experiment to bring back bell bottoms, long hair and peace signs (not that there’s anything wrong with those), today’s ‘green movement’ can include a focus on doing business better, and dig this, making more money.

Businesses can incorporate more eco-friendly principles into their operations and culture. This uses resources well, which can be good for the budget, and also help the environment, which can appeal to employees and shareholders with these values.

Eco-friendly solutions exist for just about industry and workplace. Some may require extra spending, but comes with a nice pay-off, such as LED light bulbs that cost more but last significantly longer than traditional incandescents.

Consider other methods to seek sustainability, whatever your scale.

  •  Some states offer money for bringing in certain commodities, such as cans or batteries. Even if yours doesn’t, you can still remove recyclables from the waste stream, which reduces the volume of your regular garbage. Make it fun by encouraging departments to see how much recycling containers they can fill, such as cardboard or paper. 
  • Focus on lighting. Changing out older bulbs with longer-lasting bulbs can be an easy eco-friendly solution. But a good second step is to equip your lights with sensors, so they only turn on when someone is near. These can be good for hallways and bathrooms that don’t get a lot of steady traffic, especially after hours. 
  • Clean better. Getting rid of the dust regularly results in a healthier workplace. Besides visible dust, hire someone to clean air ducts on a scheduled basis. Along with making it better breathe, it can improve energy efficiency. 
  • Encourage lending. Invite employees to exchange books or magazines. That way, their items can get more use instead of disposing of them. You can dedicate part of your break room to a mini-library which the staff will enjoy.  

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