Employee turnover is extremely expensive for businesses. Costs include job postings, interviews, training, and equipment setups. Although some industries experience higher rates of employee loss than others, you can turn the situation around in your company by avoiding situations leading to employee disengagement and taking active steps to nurture a loyal workforce. Here are some ideas to help you with employee retention.

Factors That Contribute to Employee Discontent

Finances play a large part in employee retention. If you are not paying your personnel industry standard or better, stress about their financial situations may cause them to look elsewhere for work. Employees are also more likely to become disgruntled if they see no opportunities for advancement within your organization. They need to feel that if they remain committed, they will be promoted up the road. Additionally, an unfocused company culture can bring about low morale and cause employees to leave.

Indications That Employees Are Dissatisfied

Employees often exhibit telltale signs that they are dissatisfied and are considering leaving. For instance, they may become less productive at work. Their attitudes may become more negative. They may complain more than usual and in general manifest greater negativity. Additionally, if they take extra time off and show up for work better dressed than usual, this may indicate that they are being interviewed at other companies.

Strategies for Employee Retention

The first step in employee retention is offering competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, life insurance, and a retirement plan. Let your employees know that there is room for career growth in your company. Raise morale with a dynamic company culture that makes it fun to come to work. Offer perks such as a break room with games and snacks. Encourage open communication of feedback, questions, and criticism, and use employee suggestions to make improvements.

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