Access Your Cash Quickly to Meet Obligations and Grow Your Business

Asset Based Financing is frequently used by thousands of businesses from small service startups to well-known Fortune 500 Companies as a tool to meet demand for rapid sales growth, protect and improve their credit rating, avoid long-term debt, meet short-term obligations, and most importantly increase working capital and cash flow by leveraging future receivables into cash immediately. Most Asset Based Financing products fall into three categories:

Asset-Based Line of Credit
Account Receivable Financing
PO Funding or Trade Finance

Is My Business a Good Candidate for Asset Based Financing?

If your business provides B2B services and invoices customers with 30, 60, or 90 day payment terms, you are probably sitting on A LOT of potential capital that can be leveraged quickly into cash. Some typical industries that benefit greatly from Asset Based Financing include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Solar Installation
  • Trucking
  • Medical Industry (where Insurance companies are their customer)
  • Distribution
  • Construction and Subcontractors (especially to Government contracts)
  • Janitorial Service
  • Solar Installers

What Type of Asset Based Financing is Right for Me?

Black Wolf Capital Group will analyze your business model and financing needs to determine whether Asset Based Financing is a good fit for your business. If so, we’ll work with you to leverage your receivables and get funding in as little as 3-7 days! Whether it’s through an Asset-Based Line of Credit, Account Receivable Financing, Purchase Order Funding, or even Structured Settlement and Annuity Financing, we have the right product to fit your unique needs.

Call Black Wolf Capital Group today to start a no-obligation application and find out how our experts can help your business grow.