The Simple Merchant Cash Advance

There are many different types of financing, but few are as beneficial as the merchant cash advance. This special type of small business loan is designed to reduce the risk of accumulating debt as much as possible, while remaining easy to qualify for and simply to apply for. At Black Wolf Capital Group, we are committed to helping you as much as possible. That is why our team of financial experts works with every client who turns to us to determine their very best option. Turn to us and learn how your small business can benefit from a merchant cash advance.

What Makes a Cash Advance Unique?

The way this special type of loan is repaid is what makes it stand out. You do not make pre-set payments each month. Instead, a small percent of your credit card sales is collected. This means you owe less at the end of slower months, which makes it much easier to make your payments regardless of how much business you receive. It is perfect for seasonal businesses, or businesses with uneven income curves. Other benefits include:

  • No upfront fees
  • No required collateral
  • No closing costs
  • Little paperwork
  • Quick application process
  • Short approval time
  • Simple qualifications

Turn to Black Wolf Capital Group if you think you could benefit from a cash advance.