Don’t Let a Lack of Capital Hold Back your Business

Every small business owner dreams of expanding their business as fast as possible. Of course, if your business is growing quickly, there is a common issue you need to be aware of. As you receive larger and larger clients, you may receive an order too large for you to fill. In fact, it is so common, it may have already happened to you and you had to turn the client away. Although it is disheartening to do so, it feels like you do not have any choice.

Black Wolf Capital’s Purchase Order (PO) Funding Program is designed specifically for when this happens. Simply put, this unique product allows businesses of all sizes to remain competitive by providing the capital needed so supplies can be bought, products manufactured or produced, and finished goods shipped. More importantly, it allows a company to avoid turning down a potentially lucrative deal due to a lack of access to adequate funding.

The benefits include:

  • Short approval and processing time
  • Improve your market share
  • Avoid accumulating debt
  • Avoid bad reputation
  • Lose no equity

How It Works

As soon as you are approved, we provide you with the capital you need to fill the order. Once you have satisfied your client, we collect a portion of the payment for the order, leaving you with the profits. This has the added benefit of making it extremely difficult to accumulate debt.

At Black Wolf Capital Group, we are committed to helping your business grow. Contact us now, to learn more about how PO Funding can take your business to the next level.