Unlock the Potential of your Future Assets

Do you need money to deal with an unexpected obstacle in your personal or professional life? Are you looking to better position your assets to transfer to future heirs? Do you have funds available from a structured settlement or annuity that could easily benefit you right now? If you can answer “yes” to any of the questions listed above, then let Black Wolf Capital Group help liquidate those assets through our Structured Settlement and Annuity Financing program.

This program provides you with the option of selling whatever portion of your monthly annuity or settlement payments you choose. It is a great way to unlock and leverage the full potential of those assets in order to:

  • Meet the cost of unexpected expenses
  • Finance your professional growth or a new business venture
  • Leverage the assets into a better performing facility
  • Establish a safety fund for yourself and your business

Best of all, we’re able to offer you these benefits without the fear of facing high surrender charges. All you need to do to obtain an initial quote is provide us with your payment schedule, the monthly amount that you receive, and information regarding the insurance company or financial firm that’s administering the fund.

Contact Black Wolf Capital Group today for a no-obligation consultation and review of your structured settlement or annuity.