Improving customer retention starts with having high employee retention rates.  Why? Because the employees who represent the face of your company are vital to customer satisfaction. Skilled, motivated teams creating positive customer experiences are good for business.

Here are a few tips for building an engaged team and keeping your customers happy.

Hire the right people

Evaluate more than skill set and credentials. Include multiple roles in the interview process to assess fit with your company culture, communication style and emotional intelligence. Interestingly, a credit report can provide important insights about life management skills that can be indicative of work behaviors.

Create a compelling reason to join the team

Salary and benefits such as healthcare, life insurance and retirement savings will attract talent. But having a consistent, authentic culture where team members feel valued and safe will keep morale high and boost retention rates. Be sure to communicate your company’s purpose. Understanding the larger ‘why’ of their role inspires employees to be productive and innovative.

Provide resources and feedback

Helping employees be successful and continue to grow fosters loyalty. Give teams the equipment and training they need to do their jobs well. And check in with individuals, quarterly if possible, to offer constructive feedback about performance and your expectations.

Encourage and reward contributions

Your employees, particularly those interacting directly with customers, represent an ongoing source of ideas for improving your products and services. Offer forums for collecting their suggestions and input, and when ideas are implemented, recognize the teams responsible for the change. Recognition can range from a handwritten thank you note to promotions or financial bonuses.

Working in an environment where engagement is expected and acknowledged means your team will be more willing (and able) to deliver a satisfying experience for your customers.

Higher retention of employees and customers means your growth trajectory will improve. The team at Black Wolf Capital Group is ready to talk with you about financing options to keep your momentum going. Contact us to talk about a plan that fits your needs.