As a business owner, you’ve already shown enough resolve to launch your own company. The question now is: How do you leverage your strengths to make the most of your entrepreneurship?

This article looks at steps you can take to help you do just that.

Step 1: Identify Your Strengths

A key part of entrepreneurship is identifying what you are good at. It is likely that you are already aware of your strengths, but to accurately identify them and keep them in mind, try writing them down. Another good strategy is to ask coworkers, friends, and family members to identify your strengths, according to the Harvard Business Review. In sum, knowing your strengths will help you keep your key abilities at the top of your mind when challenges and opportunities arise.

Step 2: Highlight Your Strengths 

Now that you have identified your strengths, it is time to highlight them. This can come in the form of telling customers what you are good at or letting employees and partners what you bring to the table. Highlighting your strengths will let everyone you work with know what skills you can lean on.

Step 3: Put Your Strengths in Action

Putting your strengths into action may sound simple on the surface, but it can be easy to lose sight of them, given how busy and stressful entrepreneurship can be. If you feel like you are unable to put your strengths into action, try delegating tasks that distract you from them to others and/or refocusing your business’s efforts to align with your strengths.

Step 4: Work On Your Weaknesses

Everyone has unique strengths—but also areas that can use improvement. If you know there are factors you need to work on, do so. If you are not sure what you can improve on, seek feedback from others. Finally, do not be afraid to lean on others with different strengths than your own: A willingness to collaborate is a strength in itself.

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