The Benefits of Partnering With Explore Capital Funding

If you own a small lending firm, you likely hope for bigger and bigger clients to turn to you for the capital they need. Of course, it is important to understand the common issue of receiving a client whose needs are too big for you to finance. It is so common, in fact, it may have already happened to your firm. When it does happen, it seems like your only option at first is to turn them away. Black Wolf Capital Group offers an alternative that satisfies your client and provides you with benefits for attracting them. Enter into our referral and broker program. By referring the clients you cannot cover to us, you gain these benefits:

  • Generous compensation rates, commissions, and referral fees
  • Upfront fee disclosure
  • Short payment time after closure
  • Future reciprocals for any returning clients
  • Avoiding the bad reputation of turning them away

Black Wolf Capital Group is a nationally recognized lending company, which means you never have to wonder if we can cover your client’s needs. Additionally, we take every client we receive seriously, and treat them with the same level of respect as our own clients. To ensure we always assist them in the best way possible, our team of financial experts evaluates their situation and determines which kind of financing would be most beneficial. Learn more about Black Wolf Capital Group’s referral program.

Working With Black Wolf Capital Group

In addition to offering an extensive partnership program, Black Wolf Capital Group is also looking for individuals to join our team. We are all passionate about helping small business owners, so if you take pride in doing everything possible to make other’s dreams come true, you would fit right in. Every member of our financial team not only understands the complicated financing concepts, but has the ability to explain them to others quickly and clearly. Give us a call to discover the benefits of working with Black Wolf Capital Group.