If your company is in the beginning stages of growth, you may be able to benefit from the small business strategy of image management. Although you may have a dynamic product or service, potential customers often equate your diminutive size with inability or lack of experience.

Here are some strategies you can use to give your company a more expansive and professional image.

Maintain a Unique Email Address

In this era of online presence, often your email address is one of your first contact points for potential clients. Don’t minimize the importance of first impressions by using a generic domain such as Yahoo or Gmail. Instead, attach a domain-specific email address to your company website.

Rent Space in a Virtual Office Facility

Office space is often prohibitively expensive for a startup, but sometimes you need to show prospective customers a prestigious physical location. For a fraction of the cost of a traditional office, you can rent space month by month in a virtual office facility. This provides you with an impressive mailing address as well as access to a reception area, conference rooms, and break rooms.

Automate Your Services

Another small business strategy that causes your company to appear larger is the automation of some of your online responsibilities. Efficient apps, platforms, and websites can handle your customer service as well as accounting, project management, scheduling of personnel, and other tasks.

Create a Social Media Presence

Some people judge small businesses by the amount of social media followers that they have. To build up a social media presence, interact online with influential people in your community and customer base. Consistently and faithfully post content, interact with your followers, and respond to comments.

Invest in Branding Tools

Some branding materials may require a moderate investment, but they are essential to demonstrate your professionalism. These include a logo and images designed by a graphics artist for your website and physical tools such as business cards, signs, banners, and other presentation materials.

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