Motivating employees so that they feel and perform their best is a key part of management.

To help you in that area, keep reading for several tips on employee motivation.

Make the Workplace Inviting

A dull, outdated, dark place of work is a surefire way to kill motivation. Make efforts to ensure your office space is up to date and well lit. Also take employee feedback into account. For example, while brighter offices are generally more inviting, video editors might prefer an area where there is less light shining on their screens. Audio professionals will need a quiet area to focus on their work.

Listen to Your Employees

A critical skill for effective management is the ability to listen to employees. Tools for this include open-door policies and one-on-one checkins. And listening goes beyond just talking to employees: Make sure they feel heard by actively working to solve problems they are concerned about. Also find out how they want to grow within the company and work with them to make that happen.

Reward Your Employees 

Employees who receive tangible rewards will feel more motivated than those who do not. At the end of the day, employees are there to make money, so financial incentives can go a long way toward boosting motivation. Options include bonuses, commission structures, and profit sharing. For those on tighter budgets, consider funding employee-development opportunities, like a subscription to a video-learning service.

Be Flexible with Scheduling

In 2019, the management model of making sure everyone clocks in from 9:00 to 5:00 is outdated. Telecommuting and other flexible-scheduling tools can allow employees to boost their work-life balance. As long as employees are accomplishing their tasks, listen to their requests when it comes to their schedules.

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