As a small business owner, you may often wish that there were more hours in a day, or that you could wring more productive work out of each one. We’re here to help you with the latter in today’s blog post. Our time management refresher will get your business into the fast lane, without requiring you to work around the clock.

Track your time

This gives you data to analyze, to help you make improvements and optimize your work time. Be aware of time spent procrastinating, browsing social media, reading random news items or online shopping. Reallocate your day for better time management.

Find tasks to delegate or skip entirely

Realize that you may need to delegate certain daily activities that are eating into your time, so you can use your time more profitably–in your core skill set. Delegate to other business partners, hire a consultant or automate the tasks with software. There may be some low-value tasks taking up your time that don’t really need doing at all. Say no!

Set ambitious but realistic deadlines

This keeps you motivated, without setting you up for failure and discouragement.

Let your communication preferences and expectations be known

If staff or calls are constantly interrupting you and throwing you off track, let employees know they must email unless it’s a dire emergency. Then you can deal with email in batches twice a day, for instance.

Stop proofing your own work

It takes longer than it should, and you are likely to miss your own mistakes.

Use your network

Get expert advice in of domains that are not your forte–by relying on friends, colleagues or board members that have expertise you may not.

Once you implement these time management tips, you’ll have more time to take advantage of new business opportunities. Learn about funding options to help your business grow. Contact Black Wolf Capital Group today.